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J.L. ( Little & Associates, Architects)

Mitchell Moser, Territory Sales Representative, Kansas City

Originally coming from the emergency medical field, critical thinking, communication & strategic planning have been ingrained in his character. After working in Interventional Radiology as the University of Kansas health systems, Mitchell began his path into the AEC world. He started as a 3D laser tech, accomplishing complex projects from his own backyard in Kansas City all the way to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia utilizing instruments such a Faro & Geoslam. He also has a FAA Part 107 license to be able to apply these concepts from an aerial perspective. Mitchell is a firm believer in going a step further with what we currently think we can accomplish and strives to push technology to its absolute threshold. He enjoys problem solving.
A few hobbies of Mitchell's include writing and producing music, traveling, hiking any mountain within sight & raising his Akita puppy, Akamaru.

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