What is the difference between AutoCAD command PURGE and -PURGE?

  1. Initiating the Command
    The first difference relates to how you initiate the command.  While both commands can be initiated from the Command Prompt, only PURGE can be accessed through the Application Button under Drawing Utilities.

  2. Display of Object Types
    Once the -PURGE command is initiated in the command prompt, the user is prompted to select the unused object by types one at a time or All.  In contrast, when the PURGE command is inititated, a dialog box appears for the selection of named objects you can purge.
  3. Nested Objects
    The PURGE command provides a checkbox to also purge nested items, while this option is not available from -PURGE.

  4. Registered Applications
    The -PURGE command provides access to the object type Regapps, while this option is not available from PURGE. 
    This is the key difference between these commands that most users are seeking. 
    See our previous blog post by Mark Schnesk for more information on purging registered applications & other good AutoCAD file maintenance habits (find link below).

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