• A very sound fundamentals experience. Really helped me to understand the role of Revit in our workflow.
  • Trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable. I found the Civil 3D course very helpful!
    Terra Engineering, Ltd.
  • We have been working with Seiler for the past few years, and they have always exceeded our expectations in regard to...
    Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Great class – I learned much about Revit.
    Gary Tetley Architect
  • I enjoyed your teaching style and experience with Revit, thank you for coming!
    Bartlett & West
  • Mark does an excellent job communicating solutions to specific issues encountered by our company. He makes his classes...
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Appreciated the flexibility, answers and methods of teaching to accommodate our needs. Excellent Staff!
    Little & Associates, Architects
  • Very good class.
    Bartlett & West
  • Excellent class. Easy to follow along.
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Great course. Instructor moved at a steady pace and didn't hesitate to ask questions or slow down/speed up when...
    Bartlett & West

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Don’t miss Autodesk's 4th global Forge DevCon in Las Vegas, November 18. It’s scheduled as a ’pre-conference’ to Autodesk University. The Forge theme this year is Digital Transformation and our keynote session includes Forge customers explaining how Forge is helping them digitally transform their business now and into the future. We’ve also lined up 30 classes for you and your customers including ’Learning Labs’ to help getting started with Forge, advanced technical classes for coders and roadmap, and case study and business-oriented classes for business decision makers. As previous years, Forge DevCon is about networking, remember to visit our Village to connect with industry leaders, meet sponsors, interact with live demos, and talk to experts about your opportunity with Forge.

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