How to resolve the Pointcloud view issue from Navisworks NWD to BIM 360 Glue

If you have ever exported a NWD from Navisworks with a PointCloud you may have seen the point cloud as blocks when you opened it up in BIM 360 Glue, below we will show you how to resolve that with a couple of export selection boxes within Navisworks Manage.

Navisworks NWD export to BIM 360 Glue without the correct settings could look like this (notice the blocks instead of a point cloud)

This is Navisworks Manage with the Point Cloud Apended, but not exported as NWD yet

Below are the settings in Navisworks Manage for the NWD export including the point cloud 

1. Select Output from the Ribbon

2. Check May Be Resaved

3. Check Embed Recap and Texture Data

4. Select OK

This should resolve your view issues in BIM 360 Glue now