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Understanding the user product access in your Autodesk account

Below you will see a brief explaination of products and access assigned to your users while managing your Autodesk account as either the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator role.

1. In order to see who has been added or is currently part of your Autodesk account you will need to select this button.

2. This is just one of the users in our account, (selecting the blue down arrow) this will expand to show you their email address associated with your account, how many products & benefits have been assigned and the ability to Edit Access to either add or remove those products and benefits. (note: there is an X on the far right in which to remove a user who may no longer be with the company).

3. This is the Benefits location (as you can see this user can download their own software).

4.User Info - this shows the user Role (end user as seen below, not a contract manager, etc.), you can see what contract/s they are associated to and this coordinates with serial numbers as well for those given contracts. Also the users email is listed below as well.

5. This area list all of the products that have been given to the listed user, notice the total of products here also equal the amount shown by the red arrow in box # 2.

6. This is just one of the products, but if you hover over it long enough you can see it gives details which leads to # 7.

7. This list of additional access can be different depending on the product / software that you hover over, but this gives you an idea of what can be available when products and additional items are added to the user.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this if you have issues.

Email us at [email protected] or call direct at 636-923-2662