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Unified BIM 360 mobile app and Permissions Settings - BIM 360 Docs iOS mobile app is being retired

The BIM 360 Docs iOS mobile app is being retired on February 28, 2019. Also, reminder to switch to new Permission Settings for Issues.


Unified BIM 360 mobile app and Permissions Settings

Dear BIM 360 Administrators,

We have some important updates for you to share with your project teams about transitioning to the unified BIM 360 mobile app as well as transitioning to the new Issue Permission settings. 

BIM 360 Docs iOS – to be retired February 28, 2019.

Action: Move to the unified BIM 360 iOS app.
Unified Issues Permissions – transition period ends February 28, 2019.

Action: Adjust permissions in Project Admin module.

Details below…


BIM 360 Docs Mobile 

What is happening?
The BIM 360 Docs iOS app is being discontinued. 

The BIM 360 Docs iOS mobile app will be officially retired and no longer available on February 28, 2019. 

Why is this happening?
The unified BIM 360 mobile app supports end to end workflows from the office to the field – both Document Management and next gen Field Management functionality. There's no need to juggle two different apps – all of the critical functionality is available in the unified BIM 360 app.

Why is the unified BIM 360 app better?
In addition to connected workflows and the Field Management functionality (checklists, issues and daily logs), the unified BIM 360 app provides improved performance and a more intuitive user experience for all Docs users, including:

Project search
Support for native PDF viewing setting (project files)
Additional markup tool (highlighter) and markup text size control
Location support (for issues)
Mark up photo attachments to Issues
Measurement – Area and angle
Sets – displays if a document is part of a Set

What do you need to do?

Download the BIM 360 app from the AppStore or Google Play

Send a message to your project teams – make sure they also download the unified app. Note that MDM is fully supported. 

Update your internal documentation

 Download the BIM 360 app today:

[appstore] [google-play-store]

Helpful tips
Please review this comparison of the capabilities of the iOS and Android BIM 360 Mobile apps:  BIM 360 mobile app matrix.

Unified Issues - Permissions Settings

On October 29, we let you know about our upcoming transition to BIM 360 Unified Issues, providing the ability to manage your design, work tracking, quality, and safety issues in a centralized project list.  

In response to customer feedback, we provided a transition path from the existing Issue permissions in Docs to the new unified Issue permissions. As a result, permissions did not change immediately upon the release of unified issues on November 9, 2019. Document Management Project Admins have been able to continue using permissions for Issues just as they did prior to this release. Document Management users with the ability to view and create issues have continued to possess those rights. Now is the time for your teams to transition to the new way of assigning permissions for Issues. The transitional period will end on February 28, 2019.

What does this mean?  
The new Permissions settings will be applied to all BIM 360 projects. With the new permission settings, you'll be able to manage your issues by project member, company, and/or role.

IMPORTANT: Unless admins adjust the permissions to fit the new model, some users will lose access to issues (until the admin adjusts the permissions).  

To see how to change the Permissions settings, see Working with Issue Permissions

To learn more about Unified Issues and other new features in BIM 360, please join us for the next BIM 360: What's New & What's Next from the Product Team 
 on Wednesday, February 6th.


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To stay informed about the latest BIM 360 releases, please bookmark the BIM 360 Release NotesBIM 360 Help content is continually updated to provide additional learning content to help you transition to these updates. 

If you have questions, please email [email protected]


Thank you,

The BIM 360 Team