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Is your Point Cloud Insert Button Missing? 2020 ACAD, ACAD Arch, ACAD MEP

Just incase you've been working in your newly installed ACAD 2020, ACAD Architecture 2020, ACAD MEP 2020 and you've noticed a missing button for inserting Point Clouds, well you're not alone.

in ACAD 2019 products it looked like this in the ribbon.

In ACAD 2020 products it looks like this

One way around this is to use the Attach button or command in the ribbon

Another alternative is to use the command prompt "POINTCLOUDATTACH"

But you could always save out a partial custom CUI from 2019 ACAD with the Insert tab for Point Cloud from the Ribbon and add it to your Main CUI in ACAD 2020 like below

After adding the 2019 CUI to your 2020 Main CUI you should be able to see and use your Insert Point Cloud button from the Ribbon now! ( I know the button image isnt showing correct because I didnt path the image yet, but at least the tool button works!)

I hope this helps you out and have a great day!

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