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Zombie Civil 3D General_Legal_Description_For_Parcels Report Rises Again

As most of you surveyors who use Civil 3D already know, the Genera_Legal_Description_For_Parcels report writer has been pretty much broken for quite a long time.  In this short blog post, I will show you how to bring it back from the dead to help you get a start on writing legals for Civil 3D parcel objects  

These procedures have been tested on Civil 3D 2020 on Windows 10 with Internet Explorer installed.  This will not work in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox, only in IE

First, your Civil 3D drawing must contain at least one Parcel object.  If not, the whole deal will not work.

Double click the "General_Legal_Description_For_Parcels report in the Reports Manager section of the Toolbox tab of the Toolspace.



Create your LandXML file and let the report open up in your default browser.



Copy the URL of the locally created "CivilReport.html"


Open up Internet Explorer.  Again, this will NOT work in Microsoft Edge, Chrome nor Firefox.  Paste the copied URL and open the report.

Hit F-12 while the report window is active,and the Debug screen will open up.

Choose the “Emulation” tab and set the document mode to “5”.  The text should disappear, but you can now use the dialog box as intended.  Add special text, choose COGO points to start from if needed and choose the “Append to Report” button to add the text back with your modifications



Scroll further down in the box and choose “Save/Print Report” to finish.



I hope this helps some of you to at least get a good starting point to writing a parcel legal description.



If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] for more information.