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Autodesk has recently released an English language extension previously only available in German, called the Roombook Extension.  It's essentially that bridge we've been waiting on between Room Objects and the "bounding objects" such as Walls, Floors and Ceilings they touch.  I wasn't sure about it until I tried it a few days ago, but it's an amazing piece...

The Autodesk® Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD® Map 3D 2011 software provides new data access enhancements to help you work more efficiently. It also includes new tools that extend the software to web and mobile platforms and enhance file sharing and conversion.

Expand your access to GIS data with the new Autodesk® FDO Provider for ArcGIS...

The Teapot, what a silly thing to have in a program which you can construct buildings and model mechanical & structural systems. I'm sure you've seen it too, but have you ever really asked yourself... "Why a TEAPOT?????"  Well lets pour ourselves a cup of tea and discuss.... and this is exactly how the teapot came into being.



Did you know that AutoCAD has a powerful, built in calculator?

The QuickCalc command has been around since version 2006 and can be accessed in a variety of ways including typing: QUICKCALC at the command line  or holding down Control + the number 8 (CTRL + 8 ).


Submitting your error to Autodesk DOES make a difference!

Not everyone realizes this since normally you get back no useful response, but in reality submitting your error report can serve a greater good. Each error is tracked electronically in a large database. The more times that error occurs, the more likely that error is to be "raised up" in the...

For those users that have a Network license for their Autodesk software, have you wondered how to read (or decode!) it?  The License File Parser allows you to easily convert the contents of your Autodesk license file into an easy to read report. Among other pieces of useful information, the report contains the full name of the licensed product, the...

The staff at Autodesk just posted a new Wiki article that documents the top 12 Revit Support issues. If you're involved in performing Revit installations it's worth clicking on the following link:


Imagine writing an innocent document and having it become so loved it becomes part of the history of Revit! This happened back in 2003 by a gentleman of the name of Chris Zoog,  he created a document any self respecting Revit resource needs to (and does) carry.  It's perhaps the most re-posted Revit resource in history!  I hope you enjoy "The 6 Phases of a...

The following is a true story...

There once was an intern with a major architectural firm that was brought in for the summer.  A project (CD) that had started in the winter and finished in the spring needed to be updated.  So they assigned this intern to add a single detail. The intern opened the project and duplicated the detail view.  Next, he (...

If you have problems placing rooms in Revit the issue may not be with your Walls, it could be hidden in the Computational Height. By adjusting that parameter (perhaps to 0') your rooms may suddenly "find" walls they had previously skipped over for no obvious reason . For more on computational height click this link:


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