• Seiler provided an excellent training experience...including the pre-class setup, class training, as well as support...
    William Tao & Associates
  • Your instructor is awesome! –Patient –Knowledgeable –Helpful
  • I enjoyed your teaching style and experience with Revit, thank you for coming!
    Bartlett & West
  • Trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable. I found the Civil 3D course very helpful!
    Terra Engineering, Ltd.
  • Great insight, and I think our set-ups and templates from training class will help our work.
    Weis Design Group
  • A very sound fundamentals experience. Really helped me to understand the role of Revit in our workflow.
  • Great Instructor!
    Mohr & Kerr Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C.
  • Best experience I have had in a class like this – excellent instructor as well!
    Ragan-Smith Associates
  • Great class – I learned much about Revit.
    Gary Tetley Architect
  • Great course. Instructor moved at a steady pace and didn't hesitate to ask questions or slow down/speed up when...
    Bartlett & West

All I can say: "It's about time!! "

Those that have...

The benefits of cloud computing have been a hot topic lately, with the ability to leverage internet resources and computing power instead of harnessing the power of your own software and PC.  A great example of what "the cloud" can accomplish has been offered by Autodesk for free (while in beta) in a service known as Project Neon.   Project Neon will allow...

Civil 3D is arguably the most powerful civil engineering tool available today.  CAD drawings created using Civil 3D transcend "static linework" and incorporate "smart objects" capable of redrawing themselves as conditions change.
(Once you experience this workflow, you'll never want to work any other way.)

That being said......

Revit now has the ability to Lock your 3D views orientation for the ability to add annotation and keep your 3D view from accidentally being adjusted. The feature is next to the Temporary Hide Isolate (the eye glasses) at the bottom of the screen.


At first glance it may seem that all Civil 3D survey databases are created the same. In fact, maybe you have come to the realization that assigning a coordinate system, units, angle precision (among other settings) is a necessary step in the workflow for each new database.

Fortunately, this isn't the case!  With a little work, we can change the...

Have you ever installed an AutoCAD based product (such as AutoCAD Architecture, MEP, etc...) and really only needed it's AutoCAD functionality and menus? The following steps will allow you to run your "vertical" product as regular AutoCAD.  Assuming it was installed normally, and the AutoCAD profile was loaded, this should work.

Step 1....

Well, with AutoCAD 2012 you can!
(If you use the new BLEND command.)

Blend allows you to create a smooth transition between most open entities.

Take these two arcs for example...

If you have an Android enabled device, you can use AutoCAD WS for the Android... even on your mobile phone.  Imagine the ability to zoom, dimension and reference designs in real time via your phone.  Best yet, it's free.

Check out the following video:


In a production environment, keeping track of drawing revisions can be difficult, especially when CAD drawings are being supplied/updated by a sub-consultant. 
In the event you're receiving regular drawing updates from a outside source, it's important to make sure that all changes have been identified before incorporating the geometry into your...

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