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A simple Revit Family tip:

Have you ever wanted to change the type of family a Revit entity is? For instance, change a family from one category type to another? This can be done in the Family Editor by selecting the Family Category and Parameters button.


If you are looking to upgrade/purchase a new computer or you have older computers and you are ready to upgrade to Revit 2011  you should check the list of Revit supported Graphics Cards listed on the Autodesk website:


If you have been using Civil 3D to process data collected in a Trimble Collector you might be familiar with Trimble Link.  Trimble Link lets us download a .job file directly from the collector to a Survey Database in Civil 3D.  For some users, though, this might not be the ideal solution.  Another option would be to export the .job to an Autodesk Fieldbook...

The following 32 page PDF is the most complete Navisworks file format document available.


In the Revit products there is an easy way to regain a level of performance and system stability if you are working on a large project, its by reducing the file size.

To do this without actually losing anything is easy, it's called "compacting" the Revit File.

  1. Select the big "R" in the upper, left side of the screen.
  2. Go to SAVE (...

Autodesk has incorporated for several releases the ability to shut off the Command Line. By doing this you will increase your viewing area for your drawing.

To do this is easy, first hold the CTRL key down on your keyboard then select the number 9. (CTRL+9).  This will both close the Command Line as well as turn it back on.

BUT to do this...

While I don't recommend this typically, and I certainly wouldn't do this for an entire project (it could cause a lot of data to be lost), on a "small chunks" basis this trick may work for you!

It's possible to perform an IFC export of your Revit data and have that family, group, etc transfer back into an earlier version of Revit.

Step 1:...

This is the closest thing to a "sales" post you will ever see on this blog, but it's important to mention, Seiler can provide technical training for your firm or on an individual basis. Even if you don't see them listed on our site feel free to contact us, we may be able to setup a special class to meet your needs without breaking your training budget....

If you are an Autodesk subscription customer you should be aware that the new Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs are available for download. These are add-ons/enhancements to all the Autodesk products and worth a look.


Welcome to Seiler’s CAD Support Blog!  We plan to post something of interest for our CAD customers at least once a week.  The purpose of this blog is purely technical.  We do not plan to promote specific products or use this forum for sales or marketing.  Our goal is to take care of our existing CAD customers by informing them about...

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