Autodesk Vehicle Tracking - Basics

Product Method Length
Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking
4 Hours

Course Description

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Windows based computer operating system, an understanding of civil engineering terminology, & experience with Autodesk AutoCAD-based products are all assets for this course. 

Expectations: Using the interactive, dynamic functionality of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking features, students are enabled to analyze their designs through vehicle swept path analysis, save time creating parking lot designs & create roundabout geometry & Civil 3D corridors using this powerful software.

Topics Covered:

  • Learning the Vehicle Tracking interface & settings
  • Creating & analyzing vehicle swept paths
  • Modifying vehicle swept paths
  • Creating swept path reports & views
  • Analyzing vehicle vertical clearance
  • Creating & analyzing ground conflict reports
  • Analyzing light rail & aircraft swept paths
  • Creating a parking lot design
  • Modifying parking rows & spaces
  • Creating a roundabout
  • Modifying a roundabout & creating a roundabout corridor