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GeoSLAM Demo in a Box

During COVID-19, GeoSLAM is launching "Demo in a Box". Just because we can’t travel to you, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the time-saving power of GeoSLAM.

Try before you buy! Everything you need We'll bring it to you
While we can’t get to you, try for yourself from home We’ll send you everything you need to try out a ZEB Safe, hygienic delivery to your doorstep


What is GeoSLAM Demo in a box?
During COVID-19, our ability to be able to carry out demos has been restricted. Demo in a box means you can still experience the power of GeoSLAM, in your own hands. Here’s how it works: 

  • If you want to try GeoSLAM out for yourself, complete the form HERE
  • Your regional sales contact will be in touch to talk to you some more about your project
  • If we think GeoSLAM will benefit your business and workflow, we’ll let you know which product we think is most suitable and send you a free of charge rental agreement (a credit check may be required)
  • We’ll send you a product through a courier or postal service, with everything you need to get started 
  • You’ll have the product for 2 days, and you’ll have help from our team of experts local to you 
  • You’ll take photos of the product once you’ve finished with it and return it to us, using the returns label provided

What can you use the demo for?
Demo in a box is an easy and quick way for you to try out our groundbreaking SLAM equipment, from the comfort of your own home. We’d suggest you do your scans within your own home/garden, depending on regulations where you are. 

For more information, contact your local sales rep or email us at [email protected].