Frequently Asked Questions

The list below is a knowledge based resource geared toward commonly asked questions about Sdeiler Design Solutions, our products and services.

Where can I download the latest version of LMTools for our network installations?

What is the version number of LMTools needed for the 2015 versions of Autodesk software?

LMTools version 11.12

What are the valid licensing combinations for Autodesk Vehicle Tracking?

If you have a network version of Vehicle Tracking, then you may need a workaround to use the program with any version of AutoCAD or Civil 3D (trial, standalone or network). This workaround is found at:

If you have a trial or standalone version of Vehicle Tracking, it will work with the trial or standalone versions of AutoCAD or Civil 3D. Currently there are no plans to support the use of trial or standalone licences of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking with networked versions of AutoCAD or Civil 3D.

How much does it cost to receive physical media for Autodesk software?

Beginning September 29th, 2014, it will cost $30 to get physical media for any Autodesk software, even if you are currently on subscription.

You can always download the software off of the subscription center for free.

What do I need to do, if while opening a Microsoft Word document, a popup dialogue box opens telling me to wait while Windows configures AutoCAD 2014 (or any version), and then to run setup.exe to install AutoCAD?

Choose OK at the RUN setup.exe option, and then choose REPAIR.  After repairing the installation, Word should now work correctly.

What can I do if I keep getting an “UNDO is full error” in AutoCAD?

First, clean the TEMP folder:

  1. Type %TEMP% in Windows Explorer address bar to get to TEMP directory.
  2. Delete as much as you can from the directory.

Next, flush the UNDO file:

  1. In the command line, type UNDO
  2. Type C for Control and N for None
  3. Type UNDO
  4. Type A for All

When importing points into the Survey Database in Civil 3D, what file types can be used?

  • Fieldbook file
  • PNEZD point file
  • LandXML
  • Civil 3D cogo points from current drawing

Do we need to move/provide our computers for Seiler training?

Seiler will provide the computers needed for training.  We will come to your office and setup ours, or you can come to our office and use our equipment here.