Autodesk Desktop Connector

Originally for the BIM 360 Team Hubs, the Autodesk Desktop Connector is available in BIM 360 Docs as an open preview.

The Autodesk Desktop Connector is a way for you to manage your remote BIM 360 documents from your desktop. Drag and drop, open, copy and delete the files without browsing to the BIM 360 project website.

A360 Desktop Retirement - June 19th, 2018


Autodesk site to explain the retirement of A360 Desktop.

Revit 2017.2 Update

Revit 2017 Update again (now @ 2017.2), if you are running into issues with the program, C4R cloud project issues, etc. you might try verifying that your program is up to date.

Open a project model and view it without software!

If you have ever wanted to review, view or find out something about a model, project files, even if it contained multiple file formats well now you can with BIM 360 Team, this video from Autodesk shows you how simple it is to view without software and virtually from anywhere.

Updated information regarding A360 Team

If you've experienced some changes in your A360 Team account (now known as BIM 360 Team), this information will explain why and offer some updated information.



Autodesk A360 - What's your health like?

If you have ever wanted to know the health of your current Autodesk A360 Cloud Services, feel free to try out this link.

It will allow you to see if there are issues as you see in the image below.

Remember to also check the Autodesk Forums for issues and fixes as well, and always remember you can contact us @ Seiler DS with any issues that you may run into.

Autodesk BIM 360 - Update - BIM 360 Glue and BIM 360 Account Administration

For those of you that are utilizing Autodesk A360 and the different portions of it here is some updated news from Autodesk that may help you in the transition of A360 Glue.

All new BIM 360 Glue accounts, including free trials, are now integrated with the unified BIM 360 Account Administration.