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    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Great stuff!
  • Great insight, and I think our set-ups and templates from training class will help our work.
    Weis Design Group
  • Pam is very thorough and demonstrates a clear ability to relay information and answer questions. She is friendly, patient...
  • Very good class.
    Bartlett & West
  • A very sound fundamentals experience. Really helped me to understand the role of Revit in our workflow.
  • Thank you so much! The Revit family you worked up performed perfectly, and using the documentation you sent, I was able...
    Design & Development Division - Missouri Dept. of Conservation
  • I enjoyed your teaching style and experience with Revit, thank you for coming!
    Bartlett & West
  • Best experience I have had in a class like this – excellent instructor as well!
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  • Great class – I learned much about Revit.
    Gary Tetley Architect

Revit MEP Duct Weight - You Can Schedule It!

If you have ever wanted to know the weight of your ductwork for cost of materials, etc... then you might like this short video. This video covers the basics of getting the weight information from the ductwork (we can obtain it from fittings as well) and later we'll cover how to add the information needed for material, gauge and a few other things as well.



Do you like the Lasso?

If you have found that the new default windowing with the Lasso in ACAD, ACAD Architecture, ACAD MEP to be a little to much.

Well this little video will help you out in removing that feature. 



Curved walls in ACAD Architecture and MEP

Sometimes curved walls are dificult to make in ACAD Architecture / MEP, so how can you make them and do it easily you say.

Well heres a link to a short video that will show you how by using the polyline tool.


Enjoy and have a good day!

BlueBeam Revu - Microsoft Office Plugin

This how to video use's Bluebeam Revu's Microsoft Office Plugin to create PDF's, add metadata and change settings from the BlueBeam plugin easily without leaving the Microsoft program.

BlueBeam Revu - Microsoft Office Plugin 



Navisworks Manage - Selection Sets

Selecting components for collision detection, hide / show, color code, etc.. can be fairly difficult without the use of Selection Sets.

In the screencast link below you will see how to quickly and easily select and group items within Navisworks Manage using the Selection Set tool.


Autodesk Product Updates

Sometimes those random crashes or errors can be a result of your software not being updated. 

Thats why it's very important to keep your software updated to keep from having downtime and or project file issues, and in this screencast link below you will find a couple of quick ways to find the updates for your software.

Autodesk Product Updates - (Screencast Link) - http://autode.sk/1gOtu0t

Revit 2015 (w Update) and Revit 2016 Background Color Adjustment Options

Have you ever wanted to change the Background color in Revit, well with the latest update in Revit 2015 and also in Revit 2016 you can!

 No more 2 tone color for your backgrounds. 

1. Select your Revit Icon

2. Select the Options button

3. Select the Graphics tab

4. Select Background - under Color

5. Choose what color you want 

6. Select OK

You're Finished!

Desktop Subscription Licensing Error: "Establish an Internet connection to continue"

When setting up your Autodesk Desktop Subscription Software for the first time, you may get the following error:  Establish an Internet connection to continue.



There are 4 articles that you can use to solve this problem:

a. Establish an Internet Connection Error

Missing Dialog boxes within Map 3D 2015 or Map 3D commands within Civil 3D 2015

When using Map 3D 2015, or Map 3D commands within Civil 3D 2015, some dialog boxes are not displayed, despite the fact that FILEDIA AND CMDDIA are set to 1.

This causes their message to be displayed on the command line instead of inside a dialog box.  This is caused by missing Map 3D support folders in the file search path.

To work around this issue, make sure the path to the ade.dcl file is set in the Support File Search Path.

To accomplish this, please follow these steps.

Network License Manager and Autodesk 2015 products

If you are installing a new version of Autodesk software on a network, you must download and install the latest version of the Network License Manager to successfully activate your software.

To download the latest version, please click on the link below, which will direct you to Autodesk’s download page.