• Thank you to everyone at Seiler for hosting and presenting the BIM Computer class on Revit. Excellent overview of the...
  • Mark does an excellent job communicating solutions to specific issues encountered by our company. He makes his classes...
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Great class – I learned much about Revit.
    Gary Tetley Architect
  • A very sound fundamentals experience. Really helped me to understand the role of Revit in our workflow.
  • Pam is very thorough and demonstrates a clear ability to relay information and answer questions. She is friendly, patient...
  • Excellent class. Easy to follow along.
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Seiler provided an excellent training experience...including the pre-class setup, class training, as well as support...
    William Tao & Associates
  • Great stuff!
  • Great insight, and I think our set-ups and templates from training class will help our work.
    Weis Design Group
  • Very good class.
    Bartlett & West

BIM 360 Field iPad release and BIM 360 Docs Update

Autodesk has released 

the latest BIM 360 Field iPad 4.35 which contains the following improvements:

New setting ‘Share Image Quality’ added to BIM 360 Field app settings, allowing user to control image quality when emailing attachments from issues, tasks, equipment and checklists
When project setting “Closed checklists cannot be edited or deleted” is enabled, Field mobile users no longer will be able to add new attachments to checklist items or create new issues to closed checklists
Improved sync performance

New all in 1 Dimensions tool in ACAD 2016

Check out the ease of the new (all in 1) Dimensions tool in ACAD 2016, heres a little video of how to use some of the many features of it as well.


Autodesk Software Deployment Basics

Have you been wondering about creating an Autodesk Deployment? Well in this short video, you'll see how to use the basics of creating an Autodesk Deployment and how to modify one as well.


I hope this helps out and always remember that if you need assistance with a sales or technical question please feel free to call us.

Exchange Apps for Autodesk Revit

If you've been interested in adding features and functionality to your Revit software, heres an easy way to do so with multiple types of applications from the Autodesk Exchange App website as you'll see in the video link below.



Clearing the Temp Folder

If you have ever noticed a lag in the access of fileson your pc, clearing the Temp folder can speed up the access of those files like when your PC was new.

Heres a little video on the process.



Revit Build Numbers and Updates, how do you tell what you need?

If you ever want to know what update / service pack matches your Revit Build #, heres a quick way to find out.

First open Revit, select the down arrow buy the help button (top right), select about Revit, then you should see the version / build # of your installed Revit.

See below to match the build # of Revit to the Update / service pack.

Also found here on the Autodesk website as well as other versions of Revit.

How to use Autodesk Revit to insert Point Cloud files into your project

If you need to know the basics of inserting Point Cloud Data into a Revit file, here is a video link showing the basics of this process.


Be on the lookout for more to come over using the Cloud Data within Autodesk Revit later on.


Revit MEP Duct Weight - You Can Schedule It!

If you have ever wanted to know the weight of your ductwork for cost of materials, etc... then you might like this short video. This video covers the basics of getting the weight information from the ductwork (we can obtain it from fittings as well) and later we'll cover how to add the information needed for material, gauge and a few other things as well.



ACAD 2016 Basic 3D Modeling

Sometimes you just need to show something either in an isometric view but can't exactly relay it in 2D. Heres a little video to start the basics of 3D modeling in ACAD 2016.


3D Modeling in ACAD can be simple to very complex, starting simple can make any command or portion of a program easier and I hope this does with this video.


Do you like the Lasso?

If you have found that the new default windowing with the Lasso in ACAD, ACAD Architecture, ACAD MEP to be a little to much.

Well this little video will help you out in removing that feature.