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Importing DWG files, modeling in Revit, and exporting back to DWG Basic How to Video

In Revit you can link and Import CAD files like DWG's, model from those 2D and 3D CAD files within Revit and then even export back into CAD if needed. Here is a quick how to video on how to do this.

How to create an Autodesk Revit Central Model

Files slow to upload to BIM 360? Here are some tips to get them to load faster.

If you are experiencing slow upload speeds of your Revit and other large files to BIM 360 these tips could help out.

Transitioning into BIM 360 for Admin Pt3 - Submit Reviews, Sets, Issues, Markups, Desktop Connector, Revit, Civil 3D within a BIM 360 Project

In this 3rd and final session of Transitioning into BIM 360 for Admin you will see how to submit Reviews, Sets, Issues, Plans, Markups, and see how the use of Revit, Civil 3D and the Desktop Connector allows you to setup and control files within your BIM 360 project.

Print to PDF using Dynamo from your Revit project!


Run Analysis with the Insight plugin within Revit!

Revit 2020 Internal Origin Arrows

So if you've noticed these double arrows in Revit 2020 and wondered what they are or how to get rid of them, heres a little more info on them.

The internal origin is the starting point for the internal coordinate system, which provides the basis for positioning all elements in the model.

Note: The location of the internal origin never moves.

You can turn this on and off through your Visibility Graphics, Model Caategories, Site, Internal Origin

Update Revit w/ Dynamo Webinar Jan 17 2020 @ 11:30am CST

If you have ever dreaded the timely task of updating your Revit families, templates, model files, etc. watching this webinar will help save you quite a bit of time.

In this LIVE webinar you will learn how to easily and quickly setup a Dynamo Script to Update your Autodesk Revit files.

Please register for Update Revit w/ Dynamo on Jan 17, 2020 11:30 AM CST at: