• Thank you so much! The Revit family you worked up performed perfectly, and using the documentation you sent, I was able...
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  • Very good class.
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How to create an Autodesk Revit Central Model

Guide to Enable Revit Worksharing

Guide to Enable Revit Worksharing: AKA Creating a Revit Central File

Step 1: Open Revit project & navigate to the Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel to select the Collaborate button.

(Note that these steps are geared towards Revit 2017.2 & 2018)

Manage Worksets in Revit Links

Have you ever wanted to unload some of the unnecessary data from a Revit link?

Use the Manage Worksets Tool in Revit to close unneeded worksets in your Revit links & improve the performance of your Revit file.

Step 1: From the Project Browser, select a Revit link & right click:

(Note: This option is only available if the Revit link is loaded and workshared.)

Revit Worksharing Monitor

There is a program called the Worksharing Monitor (found on Subscription Center) that offices either use constantly or never use at all. If you are in an office that never uses it, and you have multiple people working on a Revit project, you should start the process of adopting the software.