Best experience I have had in a class like this – excellent instructor as well! 

A.R. (Ragen-Smith Associates)

  • Mark does an excellent job communicating solutions to specific issues encountered by our company. He makes his classes...
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Great class – I learned much about Revit.
    Gary Tetley Architect
  • Trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable. I found the Civil 3D course very helpful!
    Terra Engineering, Ltd.
  • Very good class.
    Bartlett & West
  • Great course. Instructor moved at a steady pace and didn't hesitate to ask questions or slow down/speed up when...
    Bartlett & West
  • Good course outline! Tips and Tricks provided will be useful!
    Ayres Associates
  • Great insight, and I think our set-ups and templates from training class will help our work.
    Weis Design Group
  • Your instructor is awesome! –Patient –Knowledgeable –Helpful
  • Best experience I have had in a class like this – excellent instructor as well!
    Ragan-Smith Associates
  • We have been working with Seiler for the past few years, and they have always exceeded our expectations in regard to...
    Illinois Institute of Technology

Seiler Training

At Seiler Design Solutions, we take the time to get to know our clients by giving them face-to-face, personal attention. Our single goal is forming and maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients so that we become more than a vendor—we become a valued partner.

We focus on custom training that applies directly toward our clients needs. We can provide “out of the can training” however, we find our customers feel it’s more valuable to address their specific real-world needs with custom training classes.   Real World requires Custom Training or If you want to be in the Know – You really need to know.

Seiler Courses

Seiler Instrument is an Autodesk Certified Training (ATC) and Certification Center. Our trainers are educated on the latest software releases and provide a high quality, easy to understand training experience for all students.

Our certified training courses offer the following benefits:

  • Increase your competitiveness by shortening the learning curve.
  • Find out about the latest productivity features and how they can speed up your projects.
  • Learn best practices from instructors who have production experience and have been vetted by Autodesk.
  • Develop the skills you need to make the most of your Autodesk software.
  • Prepare for Autodesk certification exams which validate your knowledge.
  • We offer customized classes that can be fitted around your workflow and scheduled around your calendar, in our classrooms or on-site at your office.
  • Many ATC courses are accepted by professional associations, including The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Seiler Certifications

Autodesk certifications are a reliable validation of your skills and knowledge, and can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility for you and your employer.

Key Benefits include:

  • Use the Autodesk Certified Logo
  • Gain an industry-recognized credential that proves your skill level 
  • Display your Autodesk Certified certificate
  • List your name in the Autodesk Certified Professionals database 
  • An Autodesk® Certified credential signifies that you’ve joined an elite group of experienced design professionals from around the world who know how to optimize Autodesk software.  Each year more than 100,000 design professionals advance their credibility by proving their skills and knowledge with Autodesk® Certification. 

Public Training

Check out our upcoming public training courses or webinars designed for specific workflows. 

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