• Excellent class. Easy to follow along.
    Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
  • Thank you so much! The Revit family you worked up performed perfectly, and using the documentation you sent, I was able...
    Design & Development Division - Missouri Dept. of Conservation
  • Pam is very thorough and demonstrates a clear ability to relay information and answer questions. She is friendly, patient...
  • Appreciated the flexibility, answers and methods of teaching to accommodate our needs. Excellent Staff!
    Little & Associates, Architects
  • Great course. Instructor moved at a steady pace and didn't hesitate to ask questions or slow down/speed up when...
    Bartlett & West
  • Trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable. I found the Civil 3D course very helpful!
    Terra Engineering, Ltd.
  • A very sound fundamentals experience. Really helped me to understand the role of Revit in our workflow.
  • I enjoyed your teaching style and experience with Revit, thank you for coming!
    Bartlett & West
  • Thank you to everyone at Seiler for hosting and presenting the BIM Computer class on Revit. Excellent overview of the...
  • Best experience I have had in a class like this – excellent instructor as well!
    Ragan-Smith Associates

Each year Lynn Allen offers a Tips and Tricks booklet which discusses the latest changes in AutoCAD software. Here's the link to the latest version for AutoCAD 2012:


Each of the Revit's (Architecture, MEP, Structure) are gradually becoming available for download on Subscription Center.  Autodesk is slowly releasing it a percentage of clients at a time as to keep their servers from crashing from everyone attempting to download them at once.  Even my own subscription account doesn't have it available yet while several of...

When working in Civil 3D don’t forget about the Transparent Commands Toolbar.  This collection of tools (because of their “transparency”) can be launched from within any active command.  Using these tools can save you a...

Revit Users have had this command for many years, but a recent introduction into AutoCAD 2012 is the Nudge command!  This will be a nice command to show your colleagues in the office when they first sit at a 2012 enabled desktop or in a "new features" demonstration to those in your office.

What Nudge allows is the ability to move an object or...

I always have some fun challenges that our clients come up with. One of my favorites is when they are trying to use AutoCAD and ArcGIS both on network licenses. Here is a solution from the Autodesk Knowledge Base.


You want to set up the Autodesk Network License Manager with the license manager of another...

For roughly the last 5 years there have been discussions if the Revit blends would merge back together into one product.  While not  "combined" into one software program they have now been combined into one install!  The Revit's have been combined into a Suite of products for a powerful,  relatively affordable offering.


One of the most powerful features of AutoCAD's Properties Palette is its ability to sort your selections by “type”.  This means you don’t have to be very specific when it comes to selecting entities in your drawing.

Take this mechanical part for example…


Video from the 2011 Conference in Las Vegas was posted to YouTube. I thought you might enjoy seeing it.


The 2012 release of AutoCAD based products has a new Autodesk Exchange "start screen" when the program opens.


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